WI-1 DMAT is proud to partner with agencies and institutions throughout our state and country.

There are several options if you would like to volunteer to help respond after a disaster or mass casualty event.

The Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) is a voluntary registry of health care, public health, and behavioral health professionals who may be interested in helping out within the state during an emergency.  Public health officials use WEAVR to generate a list of volunteers based on the roles that are needed.  WEAVR volunteers are then contacted with the option to accept or decline the opportunity to serve in a role supporting an emergency response.

For more information about WEAVR, click on the following link –

The Wisconsin Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) consists of organized units of medical professional volunteers who donate their time and expertise to prepare for and respond to emergencies and promote healthy living throughout the year.  MRC’s provide an additional capability for incidents within Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the country.  MRC organizes and utilizes medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and epidemiologists.  Many community members, such as interpreters, chaplains, office workers, legal advisors, and others also fill key support positions.

There are several MRC units are located throughout the state.  For more information about Wisconsin MRC units, click on the following link –

To locate a Wisconsin MRC unit near you, click on the following link –

The Wisconsin-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team is an organized unit of medical, logistical, and administrative personnel who can be deployed to disaster zones to provide medical care for up to 2 weeks at a time.  DMAT members receive specialized training in order to deliver medical services in a front-line, field environment.  When activated, DMAT personnel are considered federal employees while fulfilling their service commitment.

The WI-1 DMAT is recruiting personnel with the following skills:

Physicians       Nurse Practitioners      Physician Assistants

Pharmacists      Dentists    Respiratory Therapists

Applicants must be in good health and be able to tolerate working in disaster zones under austere conditions with limited resources.  Applicants must also be willing to take on a federal service commitment.

If you are interested in joining the WI-1 DMAT, please click on the “Applicant Information” tab at the top.